MLClick is an advertising campaign tracking service

MLClick is a tracking service that tracks and stores statistics for advertisements on external websites. The system has been developed to conform to IAB standards on ad tracking to provide accurate statistics and allow you to see the return on investment for promotional campaigns.

What information can MLClick provide?

The MLClick tracking service is able to report ad impressions (how many times the advert is seen), click throughs (the number of people clicking on the advert), registrations (the number of people registering for a product as a result of seeing the advert) and other statistics such as the visitor's country.

How do I view the MLClick statistics?

We provide you with a login name and password for your advertising campaign, so you can view your live reports as often as you would like. If you would prefer a monthly report, this could be created in Powerpoint.

How do I get a quote?

If you would like a quote for tracking your advertising campaigns then please contact us using the link below:

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